Being a parent doesn’t have to mean zero personal time and a slimmed-down social life. Today yoga classes are not just for the super-fit, super-flexible, and super-serious. Anyone and everyone can find a class that suits his or her needs—including parents, seniour citizens , teenage and children. 

Parent and child classes evolve out of  pre- and postnatal offerings, and evoke more play, creativity, and spontaneity  in kids and teenage  yoga sessions  so that yoga time can be family time.

Practicing yoga as a family has been shown to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and lead to healthier lives because of it. It takes just a little planning to create the opportunity for your family to come together and practice the techniques of relaxation, flexibility, coordination, and strength that yoga encompasses.





SuperKids is our version of mommy and me for older kids from 3 years above. Parents take The Hatha class upstairs in The Mezzanine, while your kid gets their yoga on in The Main Room, downstairs. After class feel free to enjoy a special brunch with the entire family in the comfort of our beautiful cafe. The other option, of course, is to drop your child off for class and go home and take a very well-deserved catnap. Every parent know that kids are natural born yogis, and these playful classes help them to cultivate body-awareness and plant the seeds of healthy self-esteem. 

This fun, educational, and imaginative yoga classes builds children’s strength, flexibility, confidence and concentration in a noncompetitive environment. And perhaps most importantly, it productively channels all that young inner energy. Eat. Play. Love.




It was known regular practice of yoga, promotes the mind-body connection and is potentially successful way for girls  and guys to develop a positive body image. This connection not only improves body image and body health, it also promotes better posture and alleviates stress. In today’s teenage generations, adolescence  can be challenging. It is an important time in development. Figuring out who you really are in the middle of all the pressure, messages and expectations from friends, parents, social media etc… is not easy!

So come take a breath and get grounded in a inspiring and supportive yoga class built just for teenagers. We will explore the mind-body connection through breath work, take the time to notice the effects of postures on our mood and how awareness can help connect us to who we truly are. We will work on reducing stress in the mind and building balance, flexibility and strength in the body.




Yoga is not only safe for older practitioners, but also effective in keeping the mind and body in good health. If you’re thinking about starting a yoga practice, make sure to find a class and instructor who can meet your needs.

Starting up a new practice may come easily to you if you’ve been fairly physically active through your life.  It can be challenmging,  if you’re out of shape or working with health conditions. Start by going beginner  senior yoga and excellent way to keep your body active , maintain new healthy lifestyle and activity with group classes surrounded by new faces alike.

If you are a friend, a family start by inspiring them yoga maintain  their health well and keep their minds sharp.




Nurture Yourself

Welcome to a safe and supportive space for your journey to motherhood. Being pregnant does not mean you have to stop all  activity.  A prenatal practice may help you relieve pregnancy aches and pains, prepare for birth and connect with local moms-to-be. Along with performing postures modified for the needs of your trimester, you'll cultivate a breathing practice, develop stamina and strength and improve balance and circulation.

You will work to open and strengthen all the right muscles to counteract the weight of your baby bump, striving to prevent the aches, pains and imbalances common in pregnancy. Plus, you’ll pick up deep breathing and relaxation tools to use in labor, delivery and beyond into parenthood.

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