Jacob Manning was born and raised in a small town in Northern California. Inner turmoil, a failed baseball career and a battle with the disease of addiction led him to start practicing yoga extensively. It became his new addiction, where he also began teaching in 2013. Inspired by movement and with a background in competitive sports, Jacob has a unique way of weaving together the Hatha Yoga style, Philosophy and Pranayama. Creative sequencing and anatomy-based alignment creates a space to deepen the inner connection. Jacob is 500 hour certified yoga teacher through YogaWorks.  He is currently teaching workshops, classes and retreats around the world. He is strongly passionate about spreading his love for yoga and helping others in their yogic journey. 

A combination of scapular and bent elbow strength building postures and exercises. On the first day of this workshop, students will learn the proper muscles to engage during plank pose and bent elbow plank. This is beneficial for strengthening the muscles that are essential for the inversions and arm balances that will be taught.  After establishing a strong foundation, we will work our way into arm balances, and preparation for possibly one-arm balances.  Students will learn the techniques needed to transition from one-arm balance to another fluidly. 

we will jump right into the art of inversions and how to overcome the fear of being upside down. Students will be given the proper technique needed to master headstand, handstand and four arm stand. Students will not only learn the technique but also tools so that they can feel comfortable and confident upside down. We will work our way into the press handstand

We will work on back bends and learn the importance of back bending. Students will learn different variations of back bends and how to perform them safely. Students will be given the tools and techniques to safely invert their back bends. This day will give students more confidence in their ability to safely attempt new and advanced back bends. 

This workshop is for students who want to learn how to go from stepping through transitions to floating. We will start with core, flexibility and wrist warm ups. The main focus will be on the fundamentals of step by step body integration needed for all transitions. Students will be practicing many different transitional floats. Students will learn how to engage and lock muscles needed for being able to float in a controlled manner. Students will learn how to properly use there pelvis and shoulders together to counter balance the floating in space.

This workshop is made for students who want to become more flexible without getting injured. Students will learn many ways to stretch and open there muscles while having a low risk of injury. Breath will be used in many different ways in this workshop for muscles to have maximum oxygen to function well and open fully. Students will learn the true importance of flexibility not just for yoga but also for life off the mat. Students will learn how to use props, the wall and most importantly there own sensation to help them become more flexible. The main focus for this workshop is learning how to listen to the body's voice rather than the mind.

This training will not only cover yoga asana and meditation but a much higher skill set for you to have to grow your classes and relationships with your students. 

Developing a strong memory for sequencing multiple postures in a row with confidence and high energy is crucial to providing consistent classes that students want to come back to. This memory will save you time from always having to write up new sequences. 

Being yourself is the most important aspect of being a great yoga teacher. Not trying to be your teacher or anyone that inspires you. Finding your voice through and walking through  the fears and discomfort is monumental during this process.

This class will be intense and very challenging for everyone who takes it. All are welcomed and will have a fun empowering time. Beginning of the class will be opened to center the mind in an inspirational way to motivate everyone to do there best. Class will consist of a short warm up followed with 3 flow series containing standing postures, pre arm balance variations, arm balance variations and optional inversion/inverted backbends for students will very advanced practices. Lots of core exercises in between. 3-5 minutes of play time with music load. Finished with a couple stretches and meditation.