Just you and me on the screen

Something has been baking inside many of us for a while. We understand how you feel,and we felt the same too . Take this moment step one inch from your screen and layback: Why do you love your mind, body & soul ? Do you ? Scientifically or philosophy for those who has experience yoga out there we know from within;  yoga has move & transform our lives & perception. What would that be?

Would it be just stretching your body? Or balancing with your head and performing- where some may misunderstood yoga as some acrobatic move ? Yoga is a heated discussion in many areas in life and in some countries; some may look at it as a minor “exercise” that does not require knowledge unlike doctors.

Is this really what we want to stand for as a global or local yoga community or is this all we want the world to think yoga is?

It’s time to look back and build that rapport. What is your yoga? Is it peace under pressure or gratitude over pain? Is it watching your children grow up or choosing to love what you see in your eyes? Let’s talk about what yoga has impact – to all of us. 

Join us and write on I Love My Mind Body & Soul blackboard on our upcoming event  or share your real yoga on Instagram or Twitter and tag Oscillationyoga & Avenue K #iownmybody #yogasurvivor. Show to the community and to those who have not experience yoga what your practice has effect you life, and tag one other person to share theirs and keep it rolling. Let’s see how far we go when we stretch into our hearts more than our body. If you are a writer share your inspiration and mail it to us to fill up the colors.

As a thank you for taking this one on one conversation forward, we’ll select one yogi every 2 weeks to receive a gift from Avenue K outlets, and a voucher for the yogi who tagged them and the yogi they tagged next. All of the pictures would be gathered into a book and it is inspired by this very desire to reflect & connect as a global or local yoga community. They all came from this idea of putting our practice into practice in our daily life. 

You can follow the #iownmybody #yogasurvivor thread on our Instagram. Feel free to tag us at @oscillationyoga & @avenuek when you share – we’re excited to see it into reality on what’s next.