I have had a huge transformation over the years through the practices of yoga and meditation, which can be very exciting.  I understand that this is not an easy process and going inside to those darker places can be rattling. It takes courage to dive deep into these unsettling places and endure the pain that can come up. Cultivating a sense of patience is key and knowing that the “pain” we are feeling now won’t last forever. 

“Tapas” means to burn. It’s about peeling away layers to transform into our higher evolved Self so we can “shine” brighter. This is not easy, and can create a sense of discomfort. Learning to have faith and continue to become more conscious of our habits and negative patterns that are holding us back can shed light on these unconscious areas and facilitate deep change.  Do you have the courage to Travel from the outside in?

A lot of people, myself included, are first drawn to the practice of yoga because of the fulfilling physicality of asana. You work your body and clear your mind as you move from pose to pose. You continue the work of grounding yourself through the steadiness of your breath and, at the end of it, you enjoy the exquisite release and quiet of Savasana.

And that is what keeps you coming back for more. That is what hooked me.  Those last few moments when I experienced a sense of peace and tranquility.

It starts out pretty simple. But over the years, I have witnessed myself making enduring commitments to my practice.  I began in the late nineties in NYC, following a calling to go to Los Angeles where I caught the Ashtanga Yoga bug.  Little did I know how powerful this practice was when I first begun.  Through years of consistent practice, and four trips to India, I have peeled away layer after layer. I have watched the world around me move as my inner world became steadier.  I learned the power was within me all along.


The process is never easy, and involves working through a lot of resistance not only in the physical body, but also grappling with runaway thoughts and haywire emotions, tempering anxieties and building frustrations and perceived limitations --- it takes a lot of courage to explore and move into these dark and unsettling facets of ourselves, and endure all the messy feelings and issues that bubble up. It takes a lot of strength to get to know your Self and go inside.

With a daily practice, we learn to commit and show up even when we don’t want to. In the postures, we stay a few breaths longer, giving yourself another opportunity to breathe into the discomfort, to still the fluctuations of our mind and hopefully realize the root of the discomfort and resistance on both the physical and emotional level.  If someone had told me that I would experience all of this pain as my practice brought stuff to the surface, I would have never stepped foot on my mat.  Instead, the poses penetrated my physical body and I became more aware of what I was feeling on the inside.  As my practice progressed, I was able to be still and observe my thoughts. I literally began to change the way I thought.  It was a slow and steady process to get to that deep place where things shifted. 

When I teach yoga, I share my practice with my students.  In my eyes, Yoga is a tool for transformation. Let me be your guide. Let me help you Travel from your outside IN.

This year on 3rd - 5th of April 2015 , i would be arriving on my first visit to Malaysia. To all Malaysian yogis , practitioners and teachers i look forward to experience with your community . Take a picture among yourself with a group of min 3 people and share what is community yoga mean to you? 

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With regards of your participation 3 of you would stand a chance to complete all of my workshop series in Malaysia and a certificate of your completion hours in the workshop.

By Joan Hyman