Whether you require a pick-me-up or a pause button, we have a class that serves your mood.


Yoga classes introduce more creativity in sequencing as well as more challenging transitions.  Basic principles of more intermediate poses are introduced in a mindful and alignment-oriented way as you grow. These classes are perfect for confident beginners and experienced practitioners who like a slightly more physically intense class. A baseline for these classes is the ability to practice and grow to  full wheel ,headstand, crow and more to prep you to a stronger foundation to intermediate poses.


If you have been practicing consistently for 3 months to a year, Level 2 is for you. Postures that challenge your strength, stamina, balance and flexibility will be explored. Creative and more challenging sequences will also be introduced. These classes are preparing you to explore variation of different types of yoga poses deeper in skill prepping you in intermediate to advance asana. Most important of all, an int/adv level practitioner is willing to modify their practice from one day to the next according to what their body tells them is intelligent and safe.

YOGA 101

Discover the practice of yoga in our 90MINS beginners-only classes. Yoga 101 caters to newbies, focusing on the basics where you learn yoga with safe enhance alignment beneficial for the mind and body with  delicious adjustment.  Here’s what you need to know before you go: It’s always advisable to avoid eating right before yoga, wear clothing that allows freedom of movement in the body, and leave your shoes at the door. Show up prepared to move. Yoga stretches and strengthens the body through a series of postures in which you support your own weight and focus on conscious breathing—both of which can be more challenging than they sound! Luckily, you have a luxurious rest (called Savasana) at the end of class to look forward to. You’ll walk out feeling embodied, empowered, energized, and (we hope) eager to come back! - Meditation Included

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Dive deeper into the practice of yoga with these educational classes focused on fine-tuning alignment for the bone and body and developing a keener awareness of both the body and the breath. 

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Offering the precision in alignment and adjustment you’d get in our signature Oscillation  classes and the sweet sweat of hatha yoga. With attention to the breath and fluid movement, you’ll warm up with Sun Salutes and flow through a skillful sequence, working toward a peak pose or targeting a specific body part. Moving at a medium to slow pace, you’ll incorporate dynamic transitions for a smoother, sweatier version of the original.

The word "Hatha" is both the umbrella term for all physical practices of what today we call  " yoga "  and the  opposing energies, ha (sun) and tha (moon). Honoring both common usages, Oscillation Hatha classes offer a balanced mind-body practice and draw on wisdom from the many rich lineages of yoga asana. The well-rounded sequences temper heat and strength with flexibility and stillness, addressing the body and mind in equal measure. Meditation included


Named for yoga master Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, Iyengar yoga classes move thoughtfully through traditional postures. Holding poses longer allows time to carefully dissect correct alignment and very precise actions in the body, often with the help of props. Subtle instructions that at first may seem inaccessible can wake up the furthest reaches of the body with consistent practice. Come prepared to learn, pay attention, and follow specific instructions as you open and strengthen your body and mind. Old School style, except props may varies according to teacher. Alignment + Adjustment

Credit : JeanMaslen

Credit : JeanMaslen

Credit: Tom Rosenthal

Credit: Tom Rosenthal



The Ashtanga yoga system, based on the classical teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, builds strength, stamina and flexibility through increasingly challenging series of postures that become more and more acrobatic, flight-like, and magical as the yogi advances in the practice. If you're new to yoga, try Ashtanga Primary Guided practice for a challenge, class to flow through the fast-paced, sweaty, yet meditative from introduction of Ashtanga yoga to Primary Series fueled by the collective energy of the class.

Adjustment + Alignment


When you you’re ready to get sweaty, these  flow classes will leave you feeling strong, flexible and balanced.



 Vinyasa RX class,  a meditative flow   straight up shot of all the good stuff, set to a kick ass, that gets you moving with the music. You will move, breathe, and sweat — community style.  This mashup of asana, pranayama, core and intensity of yoga is radically fresh vinyasa flow.  You would be exploring different part of your body creative variations leading you to peak pose or theme of the day  where you can practice technique and flow along . You will leave sated and fully fixxated and sweaty.  (Warning: This class is highly addictive. ) 


Each Session has different focus on peak pose and muscle

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Build a firm foundation of strength  for a lifetime of practice. Our Strength in Core Flow  classes.  Build heat, endurance, flexibility, stability, and concentration in these dynamic classes balancing alignment with breath and fluidity.  Beginner to intermediate arm strength, arm balances, forearm   carefully sequenced for upper body and lower body strength  goes into the core that  will refine your alignment in essential theme or peak poses. Come prepared to move and learn.


Power  Flow  works to tone muscles as it builds flexibility and stamina. Your flow will focus on weight-bearing standing poses,  arm strength,  arm balances and inversion which build the heat necessary to aid stretching. Perfect for athletes, stronger practitioners, and multitaskers, Power Yoga is an accessible way to increase flexibility while also getting a work into the core and muscle. Shift your practice into a higher gear and see where it takes you.

These classes are preparing you to explore variation of different types of yoga poses deeper in skill prepping you in intermediate to advance asana. Most important of all, an int/adv level practitioner is willing to modify their practice from one day to the next according to what their body tells them is intelligent and safe.

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Relaxing Restoratives Asthetics

Quiet your mind, relieve aches and soothe your soul in tranquil sessions that leave you refreshed.



Luxuriously long holds influence the body’s meridians and strives to deeply open the hips, pelvis and spine to create space in the joints and nourish the connective tissues where you find that it would also increase flexibility. It results in your heart rate to lower, and your nervous system to let go.  The work in these Deceptively challenging poses  moving inward to your mind and deep muscle in finding the ease in the discomfort that arises and a meditative awareness of the sensations as they come and go.

These classes are also ideal for people with minor injuries, restricted movement, physical limitations,  tight muscle or muscle aching,  menstrual—or stress (everyone we know). The intended result: you’ll leave feeling freer, stillness in both body and mind. Feel the Yoga High.

Meditation Included- A good complimentary yoga session after strong yoga practice and high intensity workout that ease muscle, align the body and bones.

 Yin Yoga born in the 1970.




Working in is the new working out! Using different meditation and breathing techniques including guided relaxation, body and breath awareness in seated and reclined positions, you’ll cultivate mindfulness. While a physical practice offers more visible effects, the more subtle benefits of sitting quietly for even just a few minutes a day may have a greater impact on your daily life. Meditation has been reputed to do everything from improving sleep, focus and the immune system to ease anxiety, stress, depression and pain.

Available in Hatha, Yoga 101, Yin Yoga




You are about to bring every poses you learn in yoga to integrate it with your partner. It is a yoga cultivating trust and working together as a team. AcroYoga is a dynamic partner practice that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a partner practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and friendship.

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Variety Types Of Classes For Golden Seniors, Prenatal, Teenager, Kids Yoga Classes